In April 2008 we experienced a devastating flood in our tri-level home.  


Two contractors came out and gave us estimates to restore our home.  One contractor failed to call back; I think the job was too complicated for him.  The second contractor failed to show up the day we were ready to sign a contact.  We located Moy Construction and Remodeling through an advertisement in our local newspapers.  We were skeptical at first since the two prior contractors had bailed out on us, but were happy when Moy Construction and Remodeling promptly showed for their appointment.


Moy Construction Company were extremely helpful in explaining exactly what we could expect from their company and even provided helpful suggestions on upgrades. 


I can say without reservation that Moy Construction and Remodeling was professional and prompt.


We would like to commend Moy Construction and Remodeling in the following areas:


  • Promptness
  • Cleanliness
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Eye for detail
  • Price

John L.

El Paso, Texas



My name is Brian Yeager.  I had some water damage in my home due to a roof leak in 2009.  I called several contractors for estimates.  Few returned my calls and only one other came out.  Moy Construction answered my call and came when they said they would come (in El Paso, we all know how difficult promptness is to find).  They replaced flooring, patched the ceiling, and fixed my roof.  Their prices were fair.  Their work was good.  Most of all, they kept their word.  I'd recommend you give these guys a shot.

Brian A. Yeager
El Paso, TX







During Spring Break I decided to update my girls’ bathroom.  We had been in our home about 7 years and hadn’t done anything to their bathroom.  As I pulled off layer after layer of wallpaper, I noticed that the walls were very damaged.  I immediately called my husband in to see it, and he told me to stop what I was doing.  After a couple of days of waiting for the insurance to look at the damages, we finally figured out what had happened.  Our roof had been leaking over the years through the exterior walls of our home.  With that and the everyday moisture of the bathrooms, all the bathrooms were in bad shape.  The sad thing about all of this was that two years ago after we had gotten a lot of rain, the insurance company had told us that our roof was still good……obviously not!

We now had the green light to hire a contractor to redo our roof and fix all our bathrooms.  The headache was to hire someone who could do both. We didn’t want to deal with two different contractors doing two different jobs for us. My husband interviewed several contractors, but many didn’t even bother showing up for their appointment to give us a quote.  After meeting with many people and looking at their quotes, my husband decided to hire Moy Construction.  He said he liked their detail as they observed each of our bathrooms and went up to look at the roof.  He was impressed with Moy Sr.’s knowledge and experience and Moy Jr.’s loyalty.  What helped the matter even more was that they are insured and bonded as well.  We also got to see some of their work at another home before they began work at ours.

Our roof was the first project they took on.  They worked really fast and were really clean.  My husband and I decided to take it a step further based on the recommendation from Moy Sr., and they reinforced our roof by  putting new plywood before adding the new shingles.  The work on the roof was neat and precise.  We liked the way it turned out.

The next project that they tackled was the bigger of the two.  Our bathrooms needed a lot of work.  Starting in our master bathroom, it was completely gutted out and demolished.  From new 2x4’s and new sheetrock to new insulation, Moy Sr. and Moy Jr. worked long, tiresome hours.  We decided to go with Travertine stone and bronze fixtures in our master bathroom.  Moy’s tile work was neat, precise, and clean.  The result was absolutely amazing!  Our bathroom turned out exactly like we had told them how we wanted it.  We were so overwhelmed with how beautiful the bathroom was that we decided to do the same thing to our daughters’ bathroom.

Our daughters’ bathroom also needed a lot of work.  It had to be gutted out also, with new 2x4’s, sheetrock, and insulation as well .  The entrance to the bathroom was covered and moved, and a new entrance was created.  Out came the old bathtub, and a new box was created for the new Jacuzzi we requested.   We also chose Travertine stone and bronze fixtures for this bathroom as well.  The tile work was done just as carefully, clean, and precise as our master bathroom.  The results in here were amazing also.  It is simply beautiful.

We have had several people stop by to see Moy’s work.  Honestly, every single person that has seen our bathrooms is completely overwhelmed with how great they turned out.  Because Moy Jr. spent so much time in our home working, we must add that he was always very professional and courteous.  It was a pleasure working with both him and his dad.  We definitely recommend Moy Construction for their roof work as well as their remodeling and tile work.



Lauri and Javier Ortiz




Moy did my roof this past winter and it was a good experience. I would highly recommend this company for roofing in El Paso TX. They are very professional and most importantly honest. Leave the roofing in El Paso, Texas to Moy construction and Remodeling.

Yolanda A.


They remodeled 2 bathrooms in El Paso, TX and did a great job. They were very professional and quick. I liked the fact they are members of the BBB and are bonded and insured. They also replace my roofing in El Paso, TX and did a great job. I can't think of any other remodeling company in El Paso TX that i would let in my house. I really appreciate all the hard work Moy put in to leave my house looking beautiful. they are very clean and would clean up daily. For your remodeling in El Paso TX you should contact Moy Construction and Remodeling.







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