Why Choose Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock (formed by heat) found deep within the Earth's crust. Once quarried, cut, polished, & sealed granite is nearly impervious to scratches, heat, etching, staining, or weathering. It is truly one of Mother Nature's most versatile and beautiful creations.

Most granite is quarried in Brazil & India. However, we also have access to stones from Russia, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Norway, & Finland. The majority of these rocks are imported to the U.S.A. via Spain & Italy where they are cut and polished into the forms you see at your local slab yards.

The most common use for granite today is in building and remodeling projects such as vanity and kitchen countertops. The look, feel, durability, and re-sale value of a granite kitchen countertop is unmatched by any other solid surface material on today's market.

The care and maintanence of a granite surface includes the application of a petroleum based impregnating sealer into the stone once clean & dry. This can be done by the homeowner and should be applied on a yearly basis. As for daily cleaning, most household cleaners are fine. Granite's polish is very durable and shouldn't fade due to standard cleaning products' acidity levels.

Granite prices depend on several aspects of the stone such as size, availability, place of origin, and demand.



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