Roof Installation


Roof Installation


A critical point in the quality of your new roof, will be the way its installation is done. We try to summarize the important things you should know and look out for.

Make sure your roof has an underlayment which is flexible, and waterproof to protect the roof deck from any leakage. Using staples is the cheaper way to go, but it will not be as good as doing it with nails.

Roofing felt should have at least 6-inch vertical overlap.

 3-inch galvanized metal drip edge eave should be installed at least 10 inches on center, the underlayment should go beneath this drip edge.

When using wood shakes or shingles, make sure you watch the exact manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Asphalt and fiberglass shingles should be installed when the temperature is at least 50 degrees, as it may crack when installed in colder temperature.

It will be wise to have all you need on your roof installed before the roofing process begins – e.g. chimney, skylight, and anything that may require completing the job at another time with an extra cost.

Make sure all materials meet the local building code.





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