Professional Kitchen Remodeling, Kitchen Renovation Service in El Paso, Texas

We are specialized in complete kitchen renovation & remodeling services Moy Construction and Remodeling puts quality first when working with any home owner. Creating the kitchen the way you want pays dividends in daily luxury and relaxation while adding an attractive feature at your home. Our services include but are not limited to: small kitchen renovation, plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucet, kitchen cabinet installation, backsplash tiles installation, marble & granite countertops, countertops installation, base cabinet and wall cabinet installation, kitchen tile installation, all electrical works such as switches, lights, dedicated lights, exhaust fans, etc.

Moy Construction and Remodeling has team members highly experienced in jobs they qualify, and we prove nothing but the highest quality works. We have been working for over 30 years and our team members have performed their jobs over and over, which makes our clients highly satisfied with us. All of the team members are professional, courteous, polite, and respectful, which makes our clients comfortable and pleased with us. We are specialized in full kitchen renovation.


Our service

We offer a complete one stop construction service for your kitchen remodeling or kitchen addition/extension project. from planning and design to a finished product. Your project will be completed on time, budget and to your full satisfaction.

  • Our kitchen remodeling services include:
  • Complete kitchen remodeling
  • Kitchen extension/addition
  • Kitchen cabinets re-facing
  • Kitchen cabinets re-finishing
  • Countertop replacement

And more.



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